Elev8 Games Pvt. Ltd.
Based in New Delhi, India and London, England

Founding date:
November 14, 2012


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Lost In Paradise

New Delhi

+91 9871653337


At Elev8 Games, we believe in creating high quality polished games that relax instead of stress, and enrich instead of draining. Games that take the player to new worlds, sharpen the mind, please the eye, stand apart from the crowd, and are just plain fun.


The Vision

Elev8 Games (pronounced "Elevate" Games) was founded in November 2012 as a first venture into Indie Gaming by Saurabh Shukul, a developer who had previously worked in Jagex Games Studio in Cambridge, England, with titles such as the hit MMORPG RuneScape and the upcoming Transformers Universe game. He envisioned introducing a new type of game into the booming indie game markets, one based on relaxation and immersion using an innovative graphical style and natural ambience, and bringing back the deep story driven gameplay of older adventure titles to the modern game market. He invisioned these games to reach across as many platforms as possible - including the fast growing mobile and tablet sectors, all major desktop platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux), and in time the major console platforms such as Playstation and XBox.

Getting down to business

To give his vision shape, Shukul made use of the open source cross-platform game engine known as Moai SDK, by Zipline Games. While other cross-platform, commercial game engines existed which were becoming popular at the time with independent studios (notably the feature rich and easy-to-use Unity, and to a lesser extent the more higher end Unreal Engine and CryEngine), Shukul made the call to use Moai as its versatile open source code base, along with exceptional performance across the platforms for 2D games, matched his vision for a robust engine able to support his unique image-manipulating nature based 2D animations. His choice was reinforced by the adoption of Moai by one of the biggest trailblazers in Point and Click Adventures at the time - Double Fine Studios, with their Kickstarter smashing hit "Broken Age".

The Art behind the Code

To give his first game the aesthetics he wanted, Shukul then incorporated photography and videography by his friend and collaborator Dave Huting, a nature photographer and videographer with a well known reputation in the fields of HD photo art and relaxation videography. With reference from Dave came the music of Alex Smith, a musician specialising in relaxed ambiance. Armed with these tools and materials, he ventured into the creation of a first game entitled "Lost in Paradise" under the, at the time, one man company known as Elev8 Games.



Lost in Paradise - Trailer YouTube



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Winner of Corporate LiveWire Excellence in Gaming Award" - 2016

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